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VIP membership pays for our teachers who write the math questions, and our programmers who develop the apps. It also pays for the games that we purchase for your kid. Without VIP members' kind support, we won't be able to provide this service. By becoming a VIP member, you're supporting us to continue to improve the app and helping your kids learn and enjoy math for a very long time.

You can cancel the membership anytime by sending an email to We'll immediately remove your credit card from our system. Then, the VIP membership will stop renewing automatically and will expire on its expiry date.

One VIP membership is tied to one kid. However, one VIP kid can use the same membership on multiple devices. Note: iPhone and Android apps coming soon.

Absolutely! Just login with the same parent email on all your devices (computers, tablets, phones, etc).

In the 'Home' section, click the kid photo or avatar. You'll see a selector where you can edit the current kid, switch to another kid, or add a new kid.

In our opinion, there is no need to reset a kid's account. Even if a kid has completed all questions in a standard, they can continue practicing old questions and improving their score. If you still want to reset a kid's account, and if this is not a VIP kid, the easiest way will be to just delete the kid account and create a new one.

And here we thought our questions were perfect! :-( Please go to the 'Report' section, choose the right topic, then the standard, and then the question. You will see a link to report mistakes.

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