Stock Up on Learning - A Simple List of School Supplies Every Home Should Have

Having the right school supplies on hand ensures that your child never goes without what she needs to get her homework done, no matter the assignment. Give your child the tools she needs to succeed with this School Supplies Every Home Should Have: 1. Writing Basics Pens, pencils, markers and the like should be at the top of every school supplies list. But don’t stop there. Make sure your child has plenty to write on... […]

5 Math Activities in Daily Life for Elementary and Middle School

A key element for creating successful math students is to create daily habits that cause math tasks to become second nature. From family chores to maintenance tasks, allowing children to discover on their own can be empowering and … educational! 1. On the Move Allowing kids to help during a move can make things more fun and help parents navigate in the chaos. Kids can help determine where furniture will fit in a truck or... […]

Geometry Activities for Kindergarteners

“Patterns! Mommy I love patterns!” Excited that our kindergartener had retained something educational during a group play date, I asked for more information. “I love seeing the shapes that I know show up again and again,” was the response that I was given. Therefore, I began to seek ways to foster this excitement and have fun playing games together. These activities are geared towards kindergarteners. However, we have also enjoyed them with our now 2nd... […]

Dollar Store Math - How Far Will Four Dollars Go?

Not all lessons have to be learned in a classroom. As parents, we are free to turn every day moments – whether it be gardening, bath time, movie time or running an errand – into teachable moments. Take going to the dollar store, for instance. For a five dollar investment you can teach your child a variety of lessons, including budgeting, making change, counting, recognizing coins and even a little saving for the next trip... […]

Parenting Uh-Ohs

I once rolled our 6-year-old’s fingers up in the car window. In my quick anticipation for a change in weather, I simply just started rolling without regard for childlike curiosity regarding the wind. The screams inside our tiny Honda Fit alerted me to my mistake. Mistakes are often made with the greatest of intentions, but still leave children wondering what parents are thinking. As kids grow, they must learn to navigate the world that surrounds... […]

3 Tasty Tips for Teaching With Food

Let’s face it – teaching math can be a challenge for everyone involved. From teachers to parents to the kids themselves, anything we can do to make learning math more tactile, entertaining and memorable goes a long way toward ensuring lessons have more of an impact – not less. Today’s post will share some inventive, hands-on ways you can teach your child math, manners and more – all while stuffing your faces! 1. Measuring Up... […]

Making Teachable Moments - Four Simple Ideas for Teaching Anytime, Anywhere

Whether it’s summertime, the weekend, a chilly snow day or a sunny spring break, learning doesn’t have to be reserved solely for the classroom. Teachable moments are everywhere, all around us, all the time. All we have to do is open our eyes, be prepared and remain open to them. Fortunately, the four tips in today’s article should help you do just that: 1. Nature’s remedy Look no further than your backyard garden for a... […]

Math in the Outdoors

Young children love exploring and discovering new items. Use this to your advantage and take them outside for math class! The following tasks are geared primarily for kindergarten and 1st grade. They may often be adapted for other levels by adjusting the math accordingly. Gather and Sort While in the woods or at a nearby park, instruct children to take turns gathering as many items as they can fit in a basket. Items may include... […]

Securing a Love of Education Early

Parents generally desire for children to succeed. However, in spite of our greatest wishes, we often hinder our children’s natural ability for learning. Young minds already want to know how the bird flies or why the balls fall in a certain manner. Children are naturally curious and ready to learn all on their own, without our intense desire to ‘help’. Parents must model what they desire for children to attempt, even if we fail in... […]

3 Tips for Stress Free Homework Assignments

Homework! Students hate it. Parents dread it. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a few simple steps, homework can be a time of accomplishment and pride, something your children look forward to and you have a reason to celebrate. Here, then, are our Three Tips for Stress Free Homework Assignments: Tip 1: Have a Homework Station If your kids are always struggling for space at the crowded kitchen table, dawdling away on... […]

7 ways to motivate your kids to learn math

In a recent survey, 2 out of 3 American kids said that they don’t like math. To them, math just appears to be something that they need to endlessly work on for no apparent benefit. We, as parents, understand that strong math skills are the key to our kids’ future success! We know that we need to motivate our kids to learn math in these crucial foundational years. Otherwise, it will become very hard for... […]

A brand new blog

Welcome to the humble Brownie Points blog. Here, we will post our thoughts about education (primarily K-12 education), parenting, kids, mobile devices, math (or, maths, as the rest of the world likes to call it), and anything else that strikes our fancy. Let us start by giving you details about our upcoming app launch. The completely redeveloped Brownie Points app will launch for iPad in the first half of December, 2014. The iPhone, Web and... […]