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Real math

Practice real math

Kids practice thousands of math questions aligned to rigorous Common Core State Standards. Same questions that they get at school.

Brownie Points

Earn Brownie Points

Kids earn Brownie Points for practicing math questions. The app encourages them to practice math and earn Brownie Points regularly.

Real games

Win real games

Kids use Brownie Points to win their favorite iOS or Android games. These games act as great motivators for kids to keep practicing.

Bright future

Power-up your future!

Right motivation and regular practice shows dramatic improvements in kids' performance. 61% kids reach "Above Grade Level" within a month.

Brownie Points

Brownie Points is a revolutionary app designed to help your kids reach Above Grade Level in math in a matter of months, even if your kids don’t like math now! This breakthrough app has already won multiple awards and accumulated rave reviews from thousands of parents. To motivate your kids to learn math powered by rigorous Common Core State Standards, the app automatically awards great iOS or Android games like Minecraft, Monument Valley, LEGO Batman, and many more. Available for Kindergarten to 7th grade.

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Brownie Points

An amazing math app that rewards kids for improving math skills

Real Math

Thousands of math questions aligned to rigorous Common Core State Standards

Celebrate Mastery

Kids love celebrating small victories as they master each math standard

Real Games

Real iPad & iPhone games act as great motivators for the kids to keep practicing math

Learn to earn

The only way for kids to get their favorite games is by practicing math and earning required points

Bit more motivation

For added motivation, the app awards kids achievement badges for learning and practicing math regularly

Report Cards

Report Cards allow parents to keep close tabs on the kids' learning

Find problem spots

Detailed report cards show parents exactly which standards and which kind of questions kids are struggling with

Parents reviews from the App Store  

My daughter is in second grade and is scoring above grade level on all her 3rd grade workbooks! I love how she chooses to work on your workbooks as much or more than she does her games! I wish we had something like this for all of her school subjects!

Review from App Store
Gunners mommy22

This app is amazing. I can't get my girls off of their iPads. The best part is, they're doing math problems! They love earning their points and winning new games. A+!

Review from App Store

This app has helped my child be more interested in math. His math skills are improving because he enjoys using it. His math grades at school are starting to reflect that, so I am very happy with the app. I recommend all parents get this for their kids.

Review from App Store

My 4th grade daughter loves this app and is motivated to play it in order to earn brownie points to spend on other games/apps.

Review from App Store

Sounds like an ideal app for your kids, doesn't it?

Research shows that math can bring lifetime of success for your kids, which is worth millions of dollars! However, we understand that as a responsible parent, you would want to learn even more about this app before you give it to your kids. Please click the button below to learn more.

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