Math Curriculum

The math curriculum used in the Brownie Points app is based on the Common Core Standards.

 Counting & Cardinality
K.CC.1Count to 100 by ones and tens
K.CC.2Count forward from a given number
K.CC.3Write numbers from 0 to 20
K.CC.4Connect counting to cardinality
K.CC.5Count 1 to 20 things
K.CC.6Compare number of objects
K.CC.7Compare numbers between 1 and 10
 Operations & Algebra
K.OA.1Add and subtract with things
K.OA.2Word problems to add and substract
K.OA.3Decompose numbers into pairs
K.OA.4Sums equal to 10
K.OA.5Add and subtract within 5
 Base Ten Numbers
K.NBT.1Foundations for place value
 Measurement & Data
K.MD.1Measurable attributes of objects
K.MD.2Compare using a measurable attribute
K.MD.3Classify objects into categories
K.G.1Names and positions of objects
K.G.2Various orientations and sizes of shapes
K.G.3Two and three dimensional shapes
K.G.4Analyze and compare shapes
K.G.5Building shapes from components
K.G.6Form large shapes from simple ones
Grade 1 
 Operations & Algebra
1.OA.1Word problems to 20
1.OA.2Adding three numbers to 20
1.OA.3Properties of operations: addition / subtraction
1.OA.4Subtraction as unknown-addend problem
1.OA.5Relate counting to operations
1.OA.6Addition and subtraction to 20
1.OA.7Understand the equal sign
1.OA.8Unknown numbers in equations
 Base Ten Numbers
1.NBT.1Numbers to 120
1.NBT.2Two-digit place value
1.NBT.3Compare two-digit numbers
1.NBT.4Add within 100
1.NBT.5Mentally add and subtract 10
1.NBT.6Subtract multiples of 10
 Measurement & Data
1.MD.1Order objects by length
1.MD.2Measure length using units
1.MD.3Time to the half-hour
1.MD.4Represent and interpret data
1.G.1Defining attributes of shapes
1.G.2Create composite shapes
1.G.3Halves and fourths
Grade 2 
 Operations & Algebra
2.OA.1Word problems to 100
2.OA.2Mentally add and subtract
2.OA.3Even and odd numbers
2.OA.4Rectangular arrays
 Base Ten Numbers
2.NBT.1Three-digit place value
2.NBT.3Write numbers to 1000
2.NBT.4Compare three-digit numbers
2.NBT.5Add and subtract within 100
2.NBT.6Add four two-digit numbers
2.NBT.7Add and subtract within 1000
2.NBT.8Add / subtract 10 or 100
2.NBT.9Explain strategies
 Measurement & Data
2.MD.1Measure lengths using tools
2.MD.2Measure lengths using different units
2.MD.3Estimate lengths
2.MD.4Compare lengths
2.MD.5Word problems involving lengths
2.MD.6Lengths on a number line
2.MD.7Time to nearest five minutes
2.MD.8Money word problems
2.MD.9Line plots with measurement data
2.MD.10Picture graphs and bar graphs
2.G.1Recognize shapes with specified attributes
2.G.2Partition rectangles into squares
2.G.3Halves, thirds and fourths
Grade 3 
3.G.1Categorize shapes
3.G.2Partition shapes
 Measurement & Data
3.MD.1Time to nearest minute
3.MD.2Measure volumes and masses
3.MD.7Areas and multiplication/addition
3.MD.8Solve perimeter problems
 Number & Operations in Base Ten
3.NBT.1Round to 10 or 100
3.NBT.2Add and subtract within 1000
3.NBT.3Multiply by multiples of 10
 Number & Operations : Fractions
3.NF.1Understand the meaning of fractions
3.NF.3Compare fractions
 Operations & Algebraic Thinking
3.OA.1Interpret products of numbers
3.OA.2Interpret quotients of numbers
3.OA.3Multiplication and division word problems
3.OA.4Determine unknown numbers in equations
3.OA.5Properties of operations – multiplication/division
3.OA.6Division as unknown-factor problem
3.OA.7Multiply and divide within 100
3.OA.8Solve two-step word problems
3.OA.9Identify arithmetic patterns

Grade 4 
4.G.1Draw points, lines and angles
4.G.2Classify two-dimensional figures
 Measurement & Data
4.MD.1Relative sizes of measurement units
4.MD.2Word problems using four operations
4.MD.3Use area and perimeter formulas
4.MD.5Recognize angles
 Number & Operations in Base Ten
4.NBT.1Relationship between digits in numbers
4.NBT.2Work with multi-digit numbers
4.NBT.3Round multi-digit numbers
4.NBT.4Add/subtract multi-digit numbers
4.NBT.5Basic multi-digit multiplication
4.NBT.6Find quotients and remainders
 Number & Operations : Fractions
4.NF.1Understand a/b = (n x a) / (n x b)
4.NF.2Compare fractions
4.NF.3Fractions as sums of fractions
4.NF.4Multiply fractions by whole numbers
4.NF.6Decimal notation for fractions
4.NF.7Compare decimals to hundredths
 Operations & Algebraic Thinking
4.OA.1Multiplication equations as comparisons
4.OA.2Word problems involving multiplicative comparison
4.OA.3Solve multi-step word problems
4.OA.4Factors for numbers to 100
4.OA.5Patterns that follow rules

Grade 5 
5.G.1Points on the coordinate plane
5.G.2Graph points in first quadrant
5.G.4Classify two-dimensional figures
 Measurement & Data
5.MD.1Convert measurement units
5.MD.5Relate volume to multiplication
 Number & Operations in Base Ten
5.NBT.1Relationships between digits in numbers
5.NBT.2Patterns when multiplying/dividing
5.NBT.3Decimals to thousandths
5.NBT.4Round decimals to any place
5.NBT.5Multiply multi-digit numbers
5.NBT.6Find quotients
5.NBT.7Work with decimals to hundredths
 Number & Operations : Fractions
5.NF.1Add and subtract fractions
5.NF.2Fraction word problems
5.NF.3Fractions as division
5.NF.4Multiply fractions
5.NF.6Multiply fractions and mixed numbers
5.NF.7Division involving unit fractions
 Operations & Algebraic Thinking
5.OA.1Parentheses, brackets or braces
5.OA.2Interpret expressions without evaluating them
5.OA.3Patterns using two rules

Grade 6 
 Expressions & Equations
6.EE.1Work with whole-number exponents
6.EE.2Letters standing for numbers
6.EE.3Generate equivalent expressions
6.EE.4Identify equivalent expressions
6.EE.5Values that make equations true
6.EE.6Use variables to represent numbers
6.EE.7Solve equations x + p = q and px = q
6.EE.9Use independent and dependent variables
6.G.1Find area by composing/decomposing
6.G.2Volumes of right rectangular prisms
6.G.3Draw polygons in coordinate plane
 The Number System
6.NS.1Quotients of fractions
6.NS.2Divide multi-digit numbers
6.NS.3Work with multi-digit decimals
6.NS.4Find common factors and multiples
6.NS.5Understand positive and negative numbers
6.NS.6Negative numbers on number lines
6.NS.7Absolute value of rational numbers
6.NS.8Graph points in four quadrants
 Ratios & Proportional Relations
6.RP.1Understand ratios
6.RP.2Understand a unit rate a/b
6.RP.3Use ratio and rate reasoning
 Statistics & Probability
6.SP.1Recognize statistical questions
6.SP.3Measures of center and variation

Grade 7 
 Expressions & Equations
7.EE.1Linear expressions with rational coefficients
7.EE.3Problems involving positive and negative numbers
7.EE.4Use variables to represent quantities
7.G.1Scale drawings of geometric figures
7.G.3Slicing 3D figures
7.G.4Areas and circumferences of circles
7.G.5Figure out unknown angles
7.G.6Area, volume and surface area problems
 The Number System
7.NS.1Add and subtract rational numbers
7.NS.2Multiply and divide rational numbers
7.NS.3Solve problems with rational numbers
 Ratios & Proportional Relations
7.RP.1Compare unit rates
7.RP.2Proportional relationships between quantities
7.RP.3Solve problems using proportional relationships
 Statistics & Probability
7.SP.1Understand how statistics is used
7.SP.4Draw inferences using statistical measures
7.SP.5Probability of a chance event
7.SP.6Collect data to approximate probability
7.SP.7Develop a probability model
7.SP.8Find probabilities of compound events